5 Best Sex Positions For Lesbian Couples

5 Best Sex Positions For Lesbian Couples

There are still a lot of people who would say “sex” is not really “sex” if not being done by a man and a woman. For them, the idea of woman to woman and man to man sex is not satisfying and just superficial because they’re just two vaginas or two penises banging together. No penetration, just friction.

What many do not know is that same gender sex is actually as satisfying and as orgasmic as penetrative intercourse done by men and women.

Let’s talk about lesbian intercourse and what are the best positions they do that would validate how satisfied they are when it comes to bed. Lesbian sex is not all about pussy eating or fingering. There are sex toys that help them to be satisfied on bed. But sometimes, there are just too talented and gifted lesbians who could make their partners come and reach full orgasm.

Here are the best lesbian sex positions that are really satisfying:

  1. Eat and Finger that Pussy

Like men who want to get blowjobs, women like their pussy to be eaten too. This is an all-time favorite of all lesbians. The lips and tongue stimulation when added with finger penetration can produce big O and overflowing orgasm. This can be done thru lying back on a bed, sitting on chair, standing or any other positions. Lying back is more pleasurable to many as the receiver is relaxed and the giver has the full view of the pussy and can really hit the G-spot. The clitoris, once played, can really increase the speedometer of the libido.

  1. Scissoring

There are many ways on how to do scissoring, but the most common of them is lying on bed, or missionary. This is being done by putting one leg between a partner’s leg, finding the right position, and slowly rubbing the vulva to the other partner’s vulva. This is one of the best lesbian sex positions because it creates clitoris friction and stimulation. We all know that clitoris is a love button and a highly sensitive part of vagina since it has so many nerve ending. Once stimulated, it will rise up the libido, thus explosive orgasm.

  1. Doggy Style

Lesbians can also do doggy style with or without dildo. Without dildo, the hardworking finger can be used to penetrate the vagina. The giver can stimulate her vagina on the receiver’s butt, have a little flirtation with the anus, and give a finger penetration after. The G-spot can be spotted in this position as well and will surely make the receiver scream for more.

  1. Missionary with Strap-On

Two women without penis can enjoy the pleasure and intimacy of missionary position, thanks to strap-on. This can be very tricky and cautious, but with a use of lubricants and condoms, strap-on can turn missionary position into a blast.

  1. Face Sitting

This lesbian sex position is really satisfying to both giver and the receiver. The giver is lying back on bed, while the receiver is kneeling with her pussy facing the mouth of the receiver. The giver can enjoy the entire vagina on her face with two of her hands free to explore and play the other parts of the receiver. The receiver is also enjoying the sensation of being eaten wholly while grinding and controlling where she wanted to be eaten.