Where to go on a safe date in Los Angeles

When you are planning a date, you should think of where you can go that would be safe. While dating in Los Angeles, safety should be of utmost importance. That way, first and foremost, you will protect yourself. You will also probably lower your anxiety, knowing that you’ve taken precautions. With all things considered, these are safe places to go on a date in Los Angeles.

XLanes LA

Bowling at XLanes would constitute a safe date, as bowling is not considered a dangerous sport. It’s in a public place, so there are witnesses. An added benefit is that there is time to talk to each other between turns. You can ask your date questions. Then, he or she can think of a response while taking a turn to bowl. This activity is a more productive way to get to know someone than, say, a movie. During a movie, you do not have the same time to ask each other questions. You would pose questions to help you decide if he or she is levelheaded. 

XLanes LA has a pool, and arcade games. Pool and arcade games call for friendly competition. Both are safer than a contact sport, for sure. Though, like playing contact sports, you can see how your date reacts to winning or losing. If he or she is aggressive and disrespectful about losing, you can view that as a red flag.

A Restaurant

If you are in the middle of a date, and your situation feels unsafe, you can confide in a waiter. Waiters have been trained to remain observant, particularly if they have a license to serve alcohol. It’s safer to eat in public than have a meal together in a private setting, particularly when alcohol is involved.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, there are security guards. If something was to go wrong at a museum, there would be people close by to help. Whereas, up in the mountains, there is rarely supervision. There might not even be cell reception. Let’s say, for example, that your date sprains an ankle on a hike. That means you’re practically carrying your date down the mountain.

Likewise, let’s say that you take a date rock climbing. You’ve probably heard stories of climbers falling. If you’re on a first date and something goes wrong, you have to rely on a complete stranger to grab the rope. Your date may endure severe burns from grabbing a rope to save your life. In that moment, he or she will have to think quickly. Not everybody moves quickly in high-pressure situations. Even if you have known your date for a long time, it’s risky. While there are potential dangers at a public museum, the danger is not imminent.