How To Say No To Sex Without Hurting Your Man

How To Say No To Sex Without Hurting Your Man

There are things you can’t avoid in some way as part of your duties and responsibilities towards your partner. Even if the love can test your relationship in amidst of struggles and storm of being together, challenges are always there. In so many couples in the world, sex is considered as their hold back in a relationship. Likewise, how can you resist having sex to your partner without hurting his feeling? Have you think of a way on how to say NO to sex like for some instances such as abstinent until marriage, simply not in the mood or for some other reasons.

Moreover, even in those happiest relationships on earth, there are times that they are not in intimacy. From then, sex becomes a sensitive relationship subject. Saying “No” can hurt the other person, however there are ways you can avoid such things. It can be more a little tricky than the usual but it can help you a lot. Here are some ways that you can use in saying No without making him feel bad;

Tell him in advance about this matter.

You don’t need to be afraid about opening things up with your partner. Don’t wait to say NO in the middle of heating up each other, it is indeed better to give him an advance notice. Tell him what you feel so he won’t expect you to spice him up in bed. If you’re exhausted, tired or not feeling good, then tell him earlier so that it won’t cause too much disappointment.

Tell what you want.

As part of communication, you just need to think of another way on how you can satisfy him. I mean, the fact that you are not in the mood in making sex with him, you can still be on track if you got a little jump start. Instead of saying no to your partner, tell your partner exactly what you want. There’s nothing wrong about being honest and open, especially if it’s your comfort and desires.

You don’t need to force everything just for the satisfaction.

It’s a no thing to force yourself to have sex with your man. If you don’t like to do it, then don’t do it. It is neither a task nor a game that you need to make just to satisfy him. Forced sex begins to feel like a task and later on might breed resentment. Satisfaction for sex must be done and felt if both of you really wanted it.

Give reasons and communicate it well.

Honestly speaking, you don’t owe an explanation about not wanting to have sex with your partner. However, the fact that you are in a relationship, it would be better and healthy if you explain your side why you are not in the mood. Giving reasons and communicating well will truly made him understand you and your sexual desires. You can tell your reasons in a nice way like telling him how much you want to make sex with him but you had a very tiring day so you’d rather do other things like watching a movie, or you can simply offer him to try it the other day.

Sex requires an open communication and honesty. Try to discuss a time of day that works best for you and your partner. If you find yourself saying NO more often than a YES, maybe you really need to evaluate yourself and seek professional help as soon as possible.